Monday, December 3, 2007

Time to fade away....

Well, thank you Linden Labs. Looks like I will be downtiering and leaving SL as soon as my land tier is due again. Just all of a sudden, ALL my ingame items sales stopped.... I had no idea why, my search and classified ranking LOOKED good....until I upgraded to LL's newest program...the one with the new search. Prokofy Neva was right, its pure EVIL. :( So I go back and check my sales, lo and behold, the sales dieoff coincides with the RELEASE of 18.5.3 and the new search!

Old search....I search for steampunk. My two stores were in the 51-100 or 75-100 range of the top 100....ALWAYS....NEVER have been off the keyword search since I opened them. Under the new search...I don't even make the top 100 anymore.

Why? All these frigging clubs and RP sims with NO relation to steampunk 'keyword loading'. And since they have a billion people with them in pics, and a billion landmarks, adding this keyword pushes them to the top of a list they have nothing to do with! The top 20...two actually carry steampunk items (1 or 2, nothing like my inventory)....the rest, clubs, futuristic RP sims, Dark future RP sims, medieval sims, even a frigging TATOO PARLOR for christ sakes! Somehow, these utterly irrelevant places outrank me just because they are already big and added an irrelevant keyword.

What can I do about it? Jack and shit... SLExchange does not move enough goods to pay tier....and I cannot afford to pay tier on huge tracts of multiple sims to have multiple stores selling identical goods (with tons out on display set for sale) as it appears Ambient does...he still shows on the new search. Nor can I afford the exhorbitant prices on the rare occasion land opens in high traffic VictoriaCity sim. So thanks to LL, I am screwed and the already huge businesses in SL get another free handout from the lab. Thanks guys!

Flickr group for Caledon

I created a group, Independent State of Caledon (SL) for those persons interested in posting their pictures taken within our great nation. Feel free to sign up and add to the group!

New items

Finished the Expedition Base Camp sets and have them up on the vendor. They come in three flavors (and pricing).



I also added in a surveyor's set (part of the deluxe camp) consisting of a brass transit, leveling rod and sextant. Also, the lanterns that come in the standard and deluxe camps may be purcahsed separately (2 lanterns and a kerosene cannister).

Lastly, the Geothermal Steam Engine went up on the vendor today. All items also available under the Deckard & Quinn Co. brand on SLExchange.

Much updating goodness today!